Discovering the Heartbeat of Exceptional Workplaces: A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Imagine stepping into an organization where the air buzzes with anticipation, not dread, for Monday mornings. A place where, when asked if you love working there, a smile spreads across your face before words can form. This isn’t just a daydream; it’s a revelation I stumbled upon in a quest to uncover what makes an organization truly exceptional.

From the get-go, my mission was simple yet profound: to ask every person in the organization, irrespective of their rank or role, whether they love their work and look forward to Mondays. The responses, starting from the very first, were not what I expected.

“I absolutely love it here,” beams the first person I meet, their enthusiasm infectious. “It’s a place where we can be our complete selves. We have the most incredible colleagues you can imagine. We support each other, crossing boundaries when needed because the challenges we face can’t be solved alone. Our management? They don’t just preach the vision; they embed it in our minds. They live the values and provide the guidance we need, especially when the pressure mounts and we risk losing sight of our direction.”

Admittedly, I was skeptical at first. As a consultant and assessor, I’m trained to probe beyond surface-level responses. But after hearing similar sentiments echoed by the 80th person, I was convinced. This wasn’t just well-rehearsed internal communication; it was genuine. A spirit of social professionalism and camaraderie permeated the air, reminiscent of a startup on steroids but with the resources of a conglomerate.

This organization wasn’t just about weathering changes and transformations; it was about understanding how each shift aligned with their purpose, benefiting the entire ecosystem. From top to bottom, everyone knew their place and how they contributed to a shared goal.

“Can I apply here?” I found myself wondering.

Yet, the pragmatic side of me knows such organizations are rare gems. We all carry too much personal baggage, potentially needing therapy centers rather than workplaces. But every step towards this vision is worthwhile. As we inch closer, not only do internal frictions decrease, but also the joy and eagerness to contribute flourish. Humanity and trust blossom, and from this energy, we achieve far more.

Moreover, the social impact of such companies cannot be overstated. They thaw and warm society, banishing loneliness and fostering community. This vision for companies and society could propel us to a leading position on the global stage, a beacon for others to follow.

Is OrgIQ the only path to this utopia? Certainly not. Anyone who shares this vision is an ally. Many leaders naturally cultivate such environments, in both small and large organizations, and even in politics. However, systematic support often helps. Why not tackle these issues – the human core of our organizations and society – in a professional manner?

This journey beyond the ordinary reveals the essence of exceptional workplaces: a combination of passion, purpose, and people. Let’s not just dream of such organizations but strive to create them, one heartfelt conversation at a time.


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