Our Services

OrgIQ is here to support you in the refocus of your perspective. It’s about “What is the best for the system?”.

Intelligence of an organization is the ability to learn and adapt to survive.

But mere survival is a very low standard. Our vision is about a thriving organization. You are smart, because you are successful. But for creative and innovative organizations, you must be a safe place and get smarter day by day.

Never let stop success your ability to grow your IQ.

And OrgIQ won’t work for everyone. Sometimes we just need validation and the comfort of “everything is perfect”. Even if we know it’s not true. In these cases OrgIQ is not right for you.

We don’t believe in perfection. Humans are never perfect, and that’s fine. It’s about growth and change. So for leaders willing to face the truth, OrgIQ is a perfect tool.

Passion for People leads to Systems build for Success

The system has the success. It’s not a personal responsibility. And never should one person carry this weight alone.

But it’s so important to keep the system healthy and give it the right direction.

“Great leaders … overestimate what we are capable of and inspire us to believe the same.”

Simon Sinek; but actually it’s just his version of Kim Camerons Heliotropic Effect.

This is the reason why everything form OrgIQ is “free”. The decision to put all material under CC (Creative Commons License) was the first decision made. So everything we offer is kind of “free”.

Kind of? Yes, when you want to apply those things, when you want to change the perspective how you see the world, it’s a learning process. It’s like learning a new language. As soon as you decide you want to learn Mandarin for example, you can’t speak it immediately. Even if I give you all the information about Mandarin, it won’t help you directly.

That’s the same with the Deep Soft Skills. You may made the decision to apply those and have all the information, but it will still take years to apply it.

Concerning the 4 psychological needs – bonding, self-worth, autonomy, security – you can calculate two years per need until you are “fluent”. So what we sell you in the services is mainly experience to flatten your learning curve and start today.

We don’t sell Magic. We help you to discover your own Magic.

The term leadership has many definitions. But we follow the separation from management. Leadership is abut the mindset and the effect.

Leadership is about having voluntary followers. With all risks and benefits.

Leadership is about the effect on all levels: hard skills, soft skills, deep soft skills. You created a system, which lives for your vision. A natural and complex system you don’t need to control, even can’t control, because control is an illusion in every complex situation, but where the magic of directed complexity can shine.

Talks and Keynotes

It’s not really a “service” but a good opportunity to test drive the OrgIQ ideas in your organization.

Use the chance to challenge your people how far they are willing to go.

Talks and keynotes are kind of interactive deep talk, with a light note.

OrgIQ Quick Check Self-Assessment

Gain instant insights into your organization’s health with our Quick Check Self-Assessment. A rapid evaluation tool designed to measure your OrgIQ on team scope, helping you make informed decisions about where to focus your development efforts.

“I was particularly impressed by the fact that he dealt with the topic of humanity and fulfilling cooperation in companies and especially in the IT environment.”


Provides immediate feedback on organizational strengths and areas for improvement, enabling planning of further OrgIQ transformations.

Leadership Perspective & Purpose

Designed to help focus your leaders on their value in organizations with increasing IQ. The change of perspective has a deep impact. Smarter means simplification on both sides: Clockwork and Network.Developing and maintaining clear purpose and direction on all levels, empowers embracing complexity, inspire teams, and drives natural change.


Refocuses leadership to it’s core. Making the system smarter. Reduce distance and creates mutual appreciation. Steers the system in line with natural energy of the system.Enhances leadership skills critical for guiding intelligent organizations, fosters emotional intelligence, and promotes adaptive leadership strategies.

“First contact is always characterized by optimism: “It doesn’t work” is never an option.”

Employee Collaboration Package

Transform your workplace culture into a vibrant ecosystem of engagement and collaboration. Our workshops and culture transformation services are the catalysts your organization needs to unlock collective potential and sustain innovation.

We are not used to collaboration. We need to understand and practice these deep soft skills,

“…you are 100% with your counterpart. Give it your fullest attention – your hearing – take in what is being said & go to the individual level.”


Builds a strong, cohesive culture that supports OrgIQ principles, enhances employee engagement, and promotes a high-trust environment.

Give employees time and ideas to move to Network mode.

“… accompanies each and every participant and takes care of them. At the same time, he strengthens the work in small groups and accompanies us all on the path to trust.”

Guardian of Values

Protect and promote your core values with our Guardian of Values service. Like the judicial branch upholds the law, we ensure your organization’s values are deeply integrated into every decision, behavior, and process. So it is a serious topic, we prefer a playful and social approach.


Ensures organizational actions are aligned with core values, promotes ethical decision-making, and strengthens organizational identity and integrity. Less power, more values.

Very important to cover the German Arbeitsschutzgesetz (§ 5, Absatz 3, Nr. 6 des ArbSchG).

OrgIQ Maturity Model Assessment

Discover your organization’s true potential with our OrgIQ Maturity Model Assessment. Uncover insights into your current operational strengths and pinpoint areas for growth, laying the groundwork for a transformation that leverages both the precision of structure and the power of adaptability.


Provides a comprehensive evaluation of organizational capabilities, identifies gaps, and offers a roadmap for enhanced intelligence and innovation.

Compared to Great Place to Work, we offer a tool to really uncover pain points. We shed light in the blind spots, but the model also gives answers how to change.

It’s very truthfully and might hurt, but it helps.

Also here: Very important to cover the German Arbeitsschutzgesetz (§ 5, Absatz 3, Nr. 6 des ArbSchG). Because we uncover and fix, instead of just cover-up.

“… [encourages] his interlocutors to think and critically question subconscious concepts and assumptions in conversations, but [is] always understanding and free from judgment…”

Solutions as Framework for Smart Collaboration

Revolutionize the way you collaborate. And it’s a change of perspective and context. Purpose driven. Solutions are a good perspective how to structure systems. Work in the system or on the system. Every provision or change gets a context. OrgIQ Solutions address the operational work. We need to be smart in every area. And the people are the most important one.

“The things that are often used as buzzwords in job advertisements, such as agility, flat hierarchies, etc., are not just empty words for him, but he knows how to enable teams to live them.”


The Solution-Perspective is a simple, yet powerful concept for self-organization. Every solution has a purpose, derived from the overall purpose, and has direction. Everything done inside the solution is focused on that purpose. Productivity in complex environments at it’s best.

One or several Solutions are the workday-reality for everyone in the organization.

As soon as you start to see everything we do as a Solution, it’s way easier to work together and connect on eye-level.

“ … through intensive preparation and the right questions [he] made the goals more precise and tangible.”

Intelligent Communication, Meetings, and Decisions

Check and transform your communication dynamics with increasing IQ. This includes meetings and decision-making. Empower your teams with the tools and techniques needed to ensure intelligent (clear, impactful, and collaborative) communication across all levels of the organization.


Promotes open and effective communication, reduces misunderstandings, and fosters a culture of transparency and collaboration. Creates useful and worthwhile meetings, and add tools for fast and good decisions in the Network.

IQ Transformation

Besides these buildings blocks we do everything to support you to craft a visionary strategy that propels your organization forward. Your OrgIQ ensures that your organization not only adapts to change but thrives in it.

“… sensitivity, a good comprehension and, on a human level, simply a lot of experience. Of course, this also brings with it the topic of your heart.

Plus, you have a sense of humor!”


Accpeting and adapting to a system that get’s smarter day by day.

Smart organizations are not only more productive, but happier. Management and experts work again together, we see each other and are thankful for each other. It’s not just revenue, but also meaningful.

For our German folks:

Neben dem Benefit für die Mitarbeitenden und euch als Unternehmer und Manager, ist OrgIQ die wohl erste systematische Unterstützung von § 5, Absatz 3, Nr. 6 des Arbeitsschutzgesetzes (ArbSchG).

Nach § 5, Absatz 3, Nr. 6 des ArbSchG sind alle Arbeitgeber:innen in der Pflicht, Arbeitsplätze auf potenzielle psychische Gefahren zu untersuchen, unabhängig von ihrer Betriebsgröße und bereits ab dem ersten Mitarbeitenden.