Our Manifesto

OrgIQ–Passion for People builds Systems for Success

Manifesto: Unleashing the True Potential of Organizations through Human-Centric Principles

At OrgIQ, we are driven by the profound belief that organizations flourish when they operate in harmony with human nature, embracing the complex neuronal, social, and psychological constructs that define us. Our conviction is rooted in a deep appreciation of the inherent value of relationships, acceptance, and purpose in cultivating a workplace where individuals can truly thrive.

Humanity Over Machines

We see people as people, not machines. But most of our existing systems and tools don’t.

Our systems must align with human sociology, neurology and psychology. This perspective helps us build strong, genuine relationships based on empathy and mutual respect.

“Humans are social animals; therefore, we need systems that center around social behavior.”

Danilo Assmann based on Simon Sinek

The mistrust we see between parts of organization is nobody’s fault. It’s neither management nor experts, or development or sales fault. The separation is driven by the system and the inherent perspective of the world. This is a limitation. Natural interdependence reminds us that everything is connected with everything.

Complexity over Simplified Illusions

Social structures are complex, and we adapt our models and tools to reflect this reality rather than trying to simplify it. Embracing this complexity allows us to create environments where individuals can thrive.

Nobody can be smarter as a well adjusted intelligent system. The answers are already in the system. No consultant or manager can outsmart the system. We just can limit it, to look smarter.

Empathy and Respect

Our strength lies in empathy, understanding, and mutual respect. We value individuals for who they are, not just for their contributions. This acceptance fosters a culture of inclusivity and respect, creating a positive and productive work environment.

But it is an addition to competence. In an intelligent organisation, we have faster (safer) learning and adaptation. A holistic approach rooted in humanity increases productivity through a variety of effects. People love to work and create great outcome, until they are driven in resignation.

Trust over Control

We build genuine, strong relationships as the foundation for lasting success. True success is built on strong, authentic connections. We lead with purpose, not through control, recognizing people as complex beings, not machines. Understanding that control is the most common tool to limit the capability of systems.

Acceptance Over Attention

We recognize the significance of truly accepting individuals for who they are (under the surface), beyond just acknowledging their presence or usefulness (the surface). We prioritize acceptance, empathy, understanding, and mutual respect over mere attention. This creates a culture where everyone feels respected and valued.

Practical Beliefs

Our beliefs are based on real experiences, not only theories. We have witnessed the transformative power of humanity in organizations. OrgIQ embodies these principles in every decision and action. It’s practice based on sound science.

Transformative Power of Humanity

We believe in the transformative power of acting humanely within organizations. When the needs and goals of individuals align with those of the organization, their full potential is unleashed. This transformative power leads to extraordinary productivity and satisfaction. For all of us, management and experts. From separation of groups, we move to thankfulness.

Purpose Over Discord

We see organizations as clearly aligned ecosystems. A common purpose and derived collaborative purposes minimize discord and resignation.

We need clarity on both the technical and emotional levels. When we see humans in their holistic humanity, our understanding of situations and the solution space is vastly improved.

Our Mission

We create workplaces where individuals are truly understood. In intelligent organizations, productivity goes hand in hand with humanity.

We oppose systems and structures that limit the capability of the people. We oppose systems creating bottlenecks, friction, and waste. Both, technical and emotional.

We create workplaces, where the emotional cost of structures, decisions, and actions becomes visible.

“Only because you close your eyes, the problems won’t disappear.

Therefore, it might be a hard truth first, but understanding what a gift an intelligent organization is, is a game changer.”