All material we provide is openly licensed via CC 4.0 BY SA

And we give everything we have freely to you. All the material and information. BUT. Yes, sorry, there is a but.

“What is thought is not always said; what is said is not always heard; what is heard is not always understood; what is understood is not always agreed; what is agreed is not always done; what is done is not always done again.”

Most likely falsely attributed to Konrad Lorenz – Austrian zoologist and ethologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine 1973 (1903-1989)

What the quote means: from the information to the application, which is experience, is a long way and this way has costs. You can gain the experience yourself. It will take longer, cost more, but also goes deeper. Or you can buy in the experience. It is nevertheless a route of learning, but safer, cheaper – even when you pay for us – but also not so emotional. Nothing goes so deep as the pain we perceive ourselves.

So. there is always a choice. Learning the fast and comfortable way with OrgIQ, or doing it for yourself. Both ways are worthwhile.