Our Beliefs

#1: Every Organization needs Clockwork and Network Perspective in Balance

The Clockwork is the official organization how we model it. In OrgIQ we use this structure for purpose and storytelling. We need a framework and milieus to simplify communication.

The Network is the operational reality how the people connect. This is the place for values, relationship, appreciation, and trust.

In 2024 still 97% of organizations focus to 92% on the Clockwork. Which leaves humanity inside organizations lost. See #4.

The simple model of populations. We need all three, and they need each other.

#2: Healthy Populations (Systems) are Diverse

Every healthy population, and every healthy system that survives, is separated in three groups. We all know this model, but most of the time it comes with a lot of judgement. This is not fair, because we need all three of those groups. This is the reason we gave them new names: Pioneers for the exploration of new areas and fields, but also taking high risks. The Guardians which carefully evaluate what the Pioneers to and create stability and balance. And the Lifelines, which anchor in the past and are the backup of the population, if all other fail. And they have the wisdom of the past, were we can learn from.

We need all of them and have them in balance.

#3: Complex Systems are Even More Diverse. Models can Help.

We need a visual and simple framework for storytelling. The milieu-chart is part of the Clockwork. The purpose will follow the framework, and people understand this, even if their reality is complex.

#4: Humanity is Bigger

The level we call “hard skills” is only a tiny fraction of what makes us human.

A human approach to organization will enable and empower the whole human in all of us.

Maybe scary in the beginning, but worthwhile on the long run.

#5: Going Deep is not Always Nice

Truth is not always comfortable. But after the first shock we can change and grow.

And once you’re used to work with all the skills in the same way, it’s actually fun.

Therefore, we don’t separate in good and evil, but in trained or untrained. All the Deep Soft Skills are like a language. If nobody speaks it, you can fake and pretend to be able, but as soon as you have a native speaker you’re uncovered.

The same is true for openness, trust, and values. We never had time and guidance to learn it, therefore we pretend to know it. But as soon, as you “speak” them fluently, you will uncover all the fake.

All our relationships – the way and strength we bond – are individual and constantly changing.

You can’t force closeness.

#6: Relationships are Complex

The only thing we can do as a Clockwork to create an environment and example to foster relationships.

And we need to accept that everyone has a limited capacity for connection. It’s the trade-off between time you invest and depth. Nevertheless, all our relationship patterns overlay and constantly change, which makes it impossible to get a model from this. That is the complexity of the system. And yes, we have been taught that complexity is bad and we have to manage it, but actually cybernetic tells us something different: the inner complexity of a system must match the external complexity the system faces. So smart systems are complex.

And our personal Network is our Reality. For everyone. And this is limited by Dunbar’s-Number, but actually the update.

#7: Everything is a Solution

The Network needs also a structure for organizing itself. And it needs the connection to the purposes and framework from the Clockwork.

We found that the perspective of Solutions fulfills this demands. A Solution is the answer to an external or internal need. So we can also easily chain Solutions. Furthermore, Solutions are a perfect model to include Generalists and Specialists.

And they are the place to drive visions. Any solution needs at least one leading person and someone guarding the purpose and the values. The Solution is the reason around which we connect.

#8: Collaboration as a Third Perspective

The Collaboration-Model we offer includes all the aspects we need. We identify the need for change and how to change what. Basically every Solution is driven by those 8 elements.

The advantage is that the model allows a systemic and repeatable approach without relying on charismatic people and heroes.

We all improve an all the skill-levels.

Enhance your organizational journey with the OrgIQ.

  • Change Perspective
  • Collaborate
  • Enhance success without losing humanity