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We are Germany based … Therefore the favorite language for talks is German.

Passion For People – Topics We Love To Talk About

Dan is our current keynote speaker. It’s a passion for him, he started nearly 20 years ago. Passion for people and the curiosity drives him. He loves to inspire your purpose, with both: a smile on your face and a tear in your eye. You can have all talks between 12 minutes and 1 hour.

With longer talks there is nearly always the possibility to make connections to your context. Your purpose, your stories. Basically, Dan talks about the deep soft skill level. So your event or organization should be interested in that, otherwise we all will be unhappy. Therefore, we don’t care about agile vs. classic or your domain. If you share our passion for people – your people – it will work out.

All talks available – and actually preferred – in German. Human & Trust also in English available.

For longer talks we can also integrate interactive elements and get people on the stage. And it will be relaxed and fun for them too.

List of Current Topics (from Dan)

Being Human

To understand how we work and how we interact as fundamental for agile thinking and acting, but also for psychological safety. So one topic is the “DNA Of An Agile Mind” or “DNA Of A Safe Organization”.

Understanding Trust

Trust is so much more then being able to predict or know what to avoid. Trust is the core of connection. And this has to be learned. Trust and forgiveness doesn’t come naturally. And most people today lack those skills.

Just like a foreign language never learned. So let’s dive into the concept and dynamics of trust.

Complexity Is Not A Challenge But A Gift

Understanding complexity based on physics and nature. A playful approach to system thinking. But also “intelligence”; including artificial intelligence. Networks like brain-cells, cybernetic systems, or also as in deep learning. We will understand that many technologies and methods we have, mimic the behavior of social patterns. Why not use the power of the initial truth?

Organizational Intelligence

Playful approach types of organizations, we know already, e.g., from Reinventing Organizations. Leading to the underlying network and the basics of social structures. Building organizations of any size based on the idea of “packs”. If it fits your domain better, instead of the social aspect, we can use the brain or AI as an approach.

Love, Sex, And Leadership

A unusual perspective on leadership, but totally in line with psychology, neurology, and social science.

More …

We love to adapt to your needs … just ask

Why We Offer Keynotes

Keynotes and talks are a great chance to get to know each other. It’s also a first introduction to the topics we are scared of. But having mental models for the invisible, makes it easier to grasp and learn. Start your journey with a fun event.

OrgIQ Talks & Keynotes Benefits

  • Have some thought provoking fun
  • Start talking about Deep Subjects
  • Challenge your people … and start Deep Talk
  • Test drive some ideas

OrgIQ Blog Posts

You find more thoughts and perspective changes in our blog.

“You’re really good at getting to the heart of ‘soft’ topics and explaining them in a factual but heartfelt way for both laypeople and experts.
Then you have a very sensitive and also vulnerable side, which I find very nice because it is honest, authentic and also internally strong


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