Request a Service

Yes, OrgIQ is free. So why order a service? Mainly two reasons:

1) Speed up your learning. Self-Learning will go deeper, but also take much longer. The question is how deep your understanding needs to go, to apply the ideas. If you want to go into teaching, coaching, and consulting, you need to do also self-learning.

2) Get a fresh perspective and an independent party (outside your box). That is only useful, if you want to hear a truth (not “the truth”, but “a truth”, because we are in a complex world), and install trust with your people.

So you got the choice. You will succeed anyway.

You choose us? Tell us how we can help you. As mentioned, we always start with the QuickCheck to get a good sample of the perceived reality in your organization.

Based on this data, we can develop a path to your dream organization.